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Friday, November 12, 2010

PAPER PATTERN #134 Ralphie the Elf

The PAPER PATTERN for Ralphie is typed up and ready for sale!
This Pattern will help you create the 23" elf named Ralphie to the left. Included in pattern packet is....detailed instructions, pattern pieces, materials list, time saving tips and tricks, color cover photo...and even a few suggestions as to where to reach me if you need a bit of online help. I also give you a tea stain recipe in every packet.
My patterns are relatively easy to follow...but it helps if you have some sewing experience.

ALL BODY PARTS are created using the TRACE AND SEW method...which is explained within the pattern. I feel trace and sew gives you a more true body shape.

This body also has a seperate head/body construction. Head/body connection is explained within the pattern also.

I give very detailed instructions as to face painting and shading. I am also available to send extra photos to help assist you in creating the doll you see.

You can make and sell this doll anywhere as long as you give Kats Country Prims/Kat Kosch credit as pattern designer.

International customers...Please contact me for a shipping rate...it is usually $2.86 to ship internationally...but an invoice will need to be created.

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